Engineering microbes to improve quality of life, with Zack Abbott

The Microbiome Movement — Human Nutrition Summit (Download the full agenda here!) is filled with amazing talks covering the latest in biotic research. Genetic engineering stands tall among the many discussions about making probiotics safe and effective.

The two-word term often brings about feelings of skepticism and fear. Discussions abound about genetically modified organisms (GMO), particularly as misinformation about their safety pervades discussions on the matter. Despite the concerns that GMO-based discussions bring to the table, researchers continue to advocate and ensure their safe consumption.

Such efforts have also taken place in the probiotics sphere, especially with microbes being a common playground for genetic engineering experiments. ZBiotics stands among the first companies to develop a genetically engineered probiotic for health.

To learn more about their pioneering work, GenoWrite had the great pleasure of interviewing Zachary Abbott, founder of ZBiotics.

Download this interview to read more about the genetically engineered probiotic ZBiotics produced!

Special thanks to Hanson Wade for having GenoWrite be a media partner for the Microbiome Movement – Human Nutrition Summit. Thanks to them as well for kindly approving the written content for this article.


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