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A fluorescence microscopy image of Pseudomonas aeruginosa cells surrounding an epithelial cell. A dye is introduced into the cells which emits a green colour when bound to DNA (Image Credit: Paul Naphtali).

Hello, and welcome to my blog! A year ago, I conceived the idea of starting a blog where I would talk about the latest research in microbiology. In that time, I had volunteered for CF Canada, an organization that strives to improve the quality of life for Canadian CF patients through advocacy. I had also volunteered for Let’s Talk Science, where I would excite students about the world of science through demonstrations and experiments. Finally, I acted as a teaching assistant for a biochemistry course where I introduced students to molecular biology and inspired them to pursue a career in research.

In each of these pursuits, I felt a great need to bridge the gaps between academia and the general public. I wanted to provide hope for CF patients that a cure could be found. I wanted to excite people about the latest advances in microbiology and inspire new generations of students excited about science. Finally, I wanted to play a part in making academia more accessible to everyone.

My blog aims to serve as a bridge between academia and the public. In this blog, I will publish posts that fall into three categories. The first category focuses on CF-related studies. These studies will primarily focus on CF as an infectious disease, but I will also provide posts about CF research as a whole. The second category will focus on the coolest findings within the microbial sciences. These papers will cover a broad range of topics so long as they involve microbes. The final category will include the occasional announcement and personal stories as I pursue my goal of bridging the gap between research and the broader community.

I look forward to sharing some of the many new papers from microbiology with you all. I eagerly invite you along on my journey to make science accessible to everyone.


  • Paul Naphtali

    Paul Naphtali is the founder of GenoWrite, a life sciences communications company. He holds an MSc in Biology and went through the PhD program in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, both at McMaster University. Before GenoWrite, he created Microbe Musings out of a passion for communicating microbiology research to diverse audiences around the globe and from all walks of life.

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