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In the first few months of starting up my blog, I’ve searched for science blog groups to join so that I could share my posts to the broader community. Now, I am delighted to announce that Microbe Musings is a part of the Science Borealis blog syndication network. Science Borealis is a non-for-profit corporation that aims to help raise awareness to the role of science in society through well-told science stories. Per Science Borealis, the site “provides exposure, platforms, and training to help science communicators share stories about Canadian science.” I feel that the vision of Science Borealis matches the goals of Microbe Musings as a microbiology blog from Canada, and as such I am elated that my blog is a part of their network. I hope that syndication with Science Borealis will provide a foundational building block to reach more people worldwide with the latest research in microbiology and infectious disease.

Expect to see plenty more posts in the coming months. I have plenty of non-COVID-19 posts coming up and interviews with important figures in the COVID-19 response in Ontario.


  • Paul Naphtali

    Paul Naphtali is a PhD candidate at McMaster University and studies cystic fibrosis respiratory disease driven by bacterial infections. He specializes in the study of Pseudomonas-driven infections with genomics and transcriptomics.

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