I’m off to see the latest in microbiome drug development!

Last year, I was in sunny Miami covering the latest in probiotics and LBP development. There, I was exposed to a world of microbiome-based research by world-class scientists and business leaders.

But now I’m back! This time, I’ll be off to Boston to attend the 2023 Microbiome Movement Drug Development Summit. As a media partner, I’ll be covering the most interesting talks and interviewing thought leaders in microbial-based therapeutics. I’ll be meeting with analysts, business founders, and other experts in the field eager to help bring microbial therapeutics to a clinic near you.

On top of that, there will be attendants from companies of all kinds, from multinational pharmaceutical companies to the burgeoning startup. With microbiome-rooted companies big and small attending, I’m going to be back at the forefront of the microbiome development ecosystem once again.

With all that said, I hope to see you there in Boston! Hopefully, I’ll have an even bigger surprise for you before the conference. Stay tuned!


  • Paul Naphtali

    Paul Naphtali is a PhD candidate at McMaster University and studies cystic fibrosis respiratory disease driven by bacterial infections. He specializes in the study of Pseudomonas-driven infections with genomics and transcriptomics.

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