I’m off to see the latest in microbiome drug development!

Last year, I was in sunny Miami covering the latest in probiotics and LBP development. There, I was exposed to a world of microbiome-based research by world-class scientists and business leaders.

But now I’m back! This time, I’ll be off to Boston to attend the 2023 Microbiome Movement Drug Development Summit. As a media partner, I’ll be covering the most interesting talks and interviewing thought leaders in microbial-based therapeutics. I’ll be meeting with analysts, business founders, and other experts in the field eager to help bring microbial therapeutics to a clinic near you.

On top of that, there will be attendants from companies of all kinds, from multinational pharmaceutical companies to the burgeoning startup. With microbiome-rooted companies big and small attending, I’m going to be back at the forefront of the microbiome development ecosystem once again.

With all that said, I hope to see you there in Boston! Hopefully, I’ll have an even bigger surprise for you before the conference. Stay tuned!


  • Paul Naphtali

    Paul Naphtali is the founder of GenoWrite, a life sciences communications company. He holds an MSc in Biology and went through the PhD program in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, both at McMaster University. Before GenoWrite, he created Microbe Musings out of a passion for communicating microbiology research to diverse audiences around the globe and from all walks of life.

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